My adventures recreating Next Restaurant’s food at home

Menu 4: Next vs. elBulli

Next Restaurant’s Fourth Menu: Next vs. elBulli

Served February 8 – May 27, 2012

Next restaurant’s 28-course tasting menu was a tribute to Chef Ferran Adriá and his now-closed elBulli Restaurant. The courses are listed by date, name and elBulli recipe number.

caipirinha-nitro con concentrada de estragón
2004 nitro caipirinha with tarragon concentrate 967

Next el Bulli - hot/cold trout roe tempuraheuvas de trucha en témpura fría/caliente
2000 hot/cold trout roe tempura 644

Next el Bulli - spherical olivesolivas sféricas
2005 spherical olives 1095

Next el Bulli - coca of avocado pear, anchovies and green onion in módena vinegarcoca de aguacate, anchoas y cebolla tierna
1991 coca [Catalán pizza] of avocado pear, anchovies and green onion 105

Next el Bulli - Iberico ham sandwichbocadilla ibérico
2003 iberíco sandwich 859

Next el Bulli - golden egghuevo de oro
2001 golden egg 741

Next el Bulli - black sesame spongecake and misobizcocho de sésamo negro y miso
2007 black sesame spongecake and miso 1361

Next el Bulli - liquid chicken croquettescroquetas líquidas de pollo
1998 liquid chicken croquettes 474

Next el Bulli - smoke foamespuma de humo
1997 smoke foam 400

Next el Bulli - carrot air with bitter coconut milkaire de zanahoria con leche-amarga de coco
2003 carrot air with coconut milk 878

Next el Bulli - cuttlefish and coconut ravioli with soy, ginger and mintraviolis de sepia y coco con soja, jengibre y menta
1997 cuttlefish and coconut ravioli with soy, ginger and mint 416

Next el Bulli - savory tomato ice with oregano and almond milk puddinggranizado salado de tomate con orégano y manjar
1992 savory tomato ice with oregano and almond milk pudding 159

Next el Bulli - hot crab aspic with mini corn cous-sous.áspic caliente de nécoras con cous-cous de minimazorcas
2001 hot crab aspic with mini corn cous-cous 781

Next el Bulli - cauliflower cous-cous with solid aromatic herb saucecous-cous de coliflor con salsa sólida de aromáticos
2000 cauliflower cous-cous with solid aromatic herb sauce 671

Next el Bulli - suquet [Catalonian stew] of prawnssuquet de gambas
1988 suquet [Catalonian stew] of prawns 28

Next el Bulli - potato tortilla by Marc Singlatortilla de patatas de marc singla
1998 potato tortilla by marc singla 491

Next el Bulli - trumpet carpacciocarpaccio de ceps confitados
1989 trumpet mushroom carpaccio 52

Next el Bulli - red mullet a la Gaudísalmonetes gaudí
1987 red mullet a la Gaudí 10

Next el Bulli - civet of rabbit with warm apple jellycivet de conejo con gelatina caliente de manzana
2000 civet of rabbit with hot apple jelly 686

Next el Bulli - Gorgonzola balloon with nutmegglobo de gorgonzola
2009 gorgonzola balloon 1570

Next el Bulli - foie gras flan [caramel custard]flan de foie-gras de pato al caramelo
1999 foie gras caramel custard 580

Next el Bulli - the spice plateel plato de las especias
1996 spice plate 367

Next el Bulli - mint pondestanque mentolado
2009 mint pond 1647

Next el Bulli - chocolate, in textureschocolate en texturas
1997 chocolate in textures 439

Next el Bulli - 2010 chocolate donuts 1820donetes de coco
2010 chocolate doughnuts 1820

Next el Bulli - creme flute cookierulo de crema
1993 creme flute 225

puff pastry webtelaraña de hojaldre
1989 puff pastry web 66

Next el Bulli - passionfruit marshmallow, the farewellmarshmallow de fruta de la pasión — el adiós
2004 passionfruit marshmallow — the farewell 1089

Menu as reported by TimeOutChicago and Eater Chicago. Photos, courtesy elBulli, Next Restaurant, Woman Magazine, Pocketfork

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How to Buy Tickets for Next’s elBulli Menu

Excited? Wanna know how to buy tickets for the first week of Next’s elBulli menu? From the Next Restaurant Facebook page comes this special announcement:

Next Restaurant elBulli

Next Restaurant elBulli

We HUGELY appreciate the community that has built up on this Facebook page. And while we can’t possibly thank everyone or accommodate everyone… we can at least say thank you by giving you a *chance* to dine with us during this anticipated menu.

The first week of el Bulli will NOT be part of the season ticket sale. Instead, we will pick out (via email below ONLY) about 12 tables per night from all of you folks on here. Wednesday February 8th to Sunday February 12th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are sorry that due to the complexity of the menu we cannot accommodate ANY dietary restrictions.

Next elBulli is $ 365 per person inclusive of food and beverage. A 20% service charge and applicable taxes will be added.

Email your request to dine with us for elBulli to:

Please include ONLY the following: Number in your party (2, 4 or 6 max — keep in mind there are only a couple of 6-tops) / date you wish to dine. Flexibility is fine and preferred… so you may say: any date / any size party.

We will select emails and begin responding back on Monday and Tuesday. Email entry cut-off is Sunday night at Midnight.

Again… thank you for all of your support. This community has exceeded our wildest expectations and we are working hard to make certain that this menu exceeds yours.

I emailed for tickets, and we’ll just wait and see what happens.

Subject: Thank you! Re: Tickets, Please...
Date: February 4, 2012 10:38:05 AM PST

Thank you for your interest in dining with us during our opening week of elBulli.

We cannot email everyone back personally. If your email gets picked you will hear back from us by Tuesday evening.

The elBulli menu is $ 365 per person, plus a 20% service charge and applicable taxes. We are sorry that we cannot accommodate any dietary restrictions for this menu.

If your email is not selected you may try to buy tickets via our Season Ticket Program, the Auction to Benefit the University of Chicago Cancer Center, or via our Facebook page.

Again, thank you for all you do to support Next.

Grant, Dave, and Nick

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How to Buy Season Tickets to Next Restaurant

Here are the details on how to buy season tickets to Next Restaurant, from their Facebook page. Tickets should go on sale sometime this weekend. Good luck to everyone!

For 2012 Next will be presenting three menus: El Bulli, Sicily, and Kyoto:

El Bulli: February 8 through May 27
Sicily: June 2 through September 9
Kyoto: September 15 through December 31

Season tickets will be available for roundly 50 seats per night. Season ticket holders will receive 3 individual tickets for a table for 2, 4 or 6 people (kitchen table only) to each of the three menus.
Season ticket holders will enjoy these benefits:

– Priority access to special event tickets at the Aviary via early email notification.
– Priority access to The Office, subject to availability.
– Ability to renew the subscription for future seasons.

Pricing for the 2012 season will be tiered and sold by day of the week.
El Bulli is a 29-course menu, inclusive of food and beverage, for $ 365.

Sicily and Kyoto pricing for food for tables of 2 and 4, per person, is:

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
$ 85 $ 90 $ 100 $ 110 $ 90

Beverage pairings for Sicily and Kyoto are:

Non-Alcoholic / Standard Wine / Reserve Wine
$ 48 $ 68 $ 90

The 6-person kitchen table is priced at $ 165 with $ 110 for the beverage pairing.

We have created a ‘waiting room’ upon entering the season ticket sales web page. A maximum of 50 people will be allowed to select a ticket package at a time. If the ticket sales room is full, you will enter an email address and will be notified by email when you may enter the room. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Once that email is sent you will have one hour to complete the transaction. Please note that hitting ‘refresh’ or generating more than one email will move you to the back of the line. Season tickets are limited to one package per account.

After selecting the table size and day of the week 3 ticket ‘packages’ will be generated from among those dates and tables still available. After selecting a ticket package you will be asked to select the beverage pairings for Sicily and Kyoto.

A service charge of 20% and applicable taxes will apply. Subscriptions must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

Season tickets are non-refundable but fully transferable as individual tickets. Selling tables above face value and scalping will be policed to the extent possible with known violations resulting in the loss of tickets without refund.

For El Bulli we will offer up to 10 seats per night as Same Night tickets via our Facebook page. For Sicily and Kyoto another 50 tickets will be sold via our regular ticket site as we get closer to those dates. We will also be conducting a Dutch-style auction for 1 table of two each night with the full proceeds going to benefit the University of Chicago Cancer Center where chef Achatz was treated. The full amount over $ 876 will be a tax-deductible charitable donation.

An additional 50 seats per night will be sold via our regular ticketing system for Sicily and Kyoto at a later date.

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Duck Press

Equipment used to prepare pressed duck, pages 79-89, from the Next Restaurant recipe in Paris 1906 – Escoffier at the Ritz cookbook.
Caneton Rouennais à la Presse, Escoffier 3476*

Happy Thanksgiving!

Antique cast-iron sausage press

Where do you buy a duck press, or table-top wine press? I ordered mine on eBay, and received the package in the mail last week. It’s not an actual antique French presse de canard (which can cost thousands of dollars), but an antique cast-iron sausage press. I will use this to make the Caneton Rouennais à la Presse recipe from Next Restaurant’s menu, Paris 1906 – Escoffier at the Ritz.

Cast-iron sausage press opened up

I’m so excited!

Sausage press gears

Food nerd alert! This is a large, cast-iron, hand-cranked press meant for sausage making, but I’m going to use it as a duck press. You could also (easily) use it for apples or grapes if you were so inclined…

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