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Next Menu 1: Paris 1906 Escoffier at the Ritz

Next Restaurant’s First Menu: Paris 1906 – Escoffier at the Ritz

Served April 6 – June 31, 2011

Next Restaurant’s Paris menu recreated the food of chef Georges Auguste Escoffier from circa 1906.

Amuse Bouche

Vincent Carré Brut NV Champagne, Montagne de Reims, France
Chateau d’Orschwihr Crémant d’Alsace Brut, Alsace, France
NA: Elderflower Gin Fizz – ginger, elderflower, pineapple

Next Paris Menu 1906 - puff pastry filled with mornay sauceGougére
Puff pastry (4323) filled with Sauce Mornay (131).

Hors d’Oeuvre

Next Paris 1906 - Truffled egg custard with salted cod served in an eggshellOeuf Benedictine
Truffled egg custard with salted cod served in an eggshell (1311).

Next Escoffier Paris Menu - Sauce Gribiche Next Paris 1906 - Quail egg with anchovySauce Gribiche
Quail egg with anchovy (199).

Escoffier rillette of pig headTête de Porc
Rillette of pig’s head (2983), with pickled ramps and chive.

Next Paris Menu 1906 - Foie gras torchon in brioche breadFoie gras à la Strasbourgeoise
Foie gras torchon in brioche (3495).

Escoffier boudin blancBoudin Blanc
White rabbit sausage, with rhubarb and lavender.

Escoffier cold salmon mousseMousse de Saumon Froid en Barquette
Salmon mousse in a pastry boat, with crème fraîche and radish.

Escoffier poireaux farcisPoireaux Farcis
Mushroom duxcelle stuffed leek.

Next Escoffier Paris Menu - Russian Ossetra caviarCaviare (kitchen table)
Russian Ossetra caviar on ice (952), served with blinis (1106) and crème fraîche.

2005 Domaine de Montbourgeau “L’Etoile Cuvée Spéciale”, Jura, France
2003 Domaine de Montbourgeau “L’Etoile Vin Jaune”, Jura, France
2002 Domaine de Montbourgeau “L’Etoile Vin Jaune”, Jura, France
KT: 2002 Jacques Puffency “Vin Jaune”, Arbois, France
NA: Blis Vinegar Shrub – blis elixer xo, sparkling apple cider

Next Paris 1906 - Turtle SoupPotage à la Tortue Claire
Turtle consomme (907).

Next Escoffier Paris Menu - Puree Palestine Jerusalem artichoke soup with hazelnutsPurée Palestine (kitchen table)
Jerusalem artichoke, or sunchoke, soup (695) with hazelnut royale.
KT: 2008 Olivier Merlin “La Roche Vineuse”, Macon, France

Next Escoffier Paris Menu - French breadBread Service
French bread made from scratch.

2008 Olivier Merlin “La Roche Vineuse”, Macon, France
2006 Les Hériters du Comte Lafon “Macon-Milly-Lamartine” Clos du Four, Maconnais, France
2005 Alain Coche-Bizouard “Meursault Goutte d’Or” Premiere Cru, Côte de Beaune, France
NA: Carrot-Saffron – carrot, saffron, fennel

Next Paris 1906 - Filet of sole with crawfish mousseFilet de Sole Daumont
Filet of sole with crawfish mousse (1950).

2009 Château de la Liquière “Les Amandiers”, Faugères, France
2007 Domaine Leon Barral “Jadis”, Faugères, France
2006 Domaine Leon Barral “Jadis”, Faugères, France
KT: 2005 Domaine Leon Barral “Jadis”, Faugères, France
NA: Pinot Noir-Grape-Oolong – pomegranate, verjus, ti kuan yin

Supremes de Poussin 3130Supremes de Poussin
Poached chicken with cucumber (3130).

Next Escoffier Paris Menu - Carre dAgneau lamb loinCarré d’Agneau (kitchen table)
Lamb loin (2845) and sweetbreads with potato duchess (4185), served with Sauce Choron (108).
KT: 2003 Michel & Stepahnie Ogier, Côte-Rôtie, Rhone, France

2006 Domaine Brusset “Les Travers”, Cairanne, France
2005 Domaine Brusset “Les Hauts De Montmirail”, Gigondas, France
KT: 2000 Domaine Brusset “Tradition Le Grand Montmirail”, Gigondas, France
NA: Smoked Tea Cherry Cordial – cherry, lapsang souchong, sanbitter

Next Paris 1906 - Pressed duckCaneton Rouennais à la Presse
Roasted and pressed duck, served with a reduction of red wine, brandy and pressed duck jus (3476).

Potato DauphinoiseGratin de Pommes de Terre à la Dauphinoise
A crispy gratin of potatoes and cheese (4200), served with Caneton Rouennais à la Presse.

Salade IrmaSalade Irma
Cauliflower, asparagus, and greens with lemon vinaigrette, topped with nasturtium (3839).

Next Escoffier Paris Menu - Sauternes SorbetSorbet Sauternes (kitchen table)
Sorbet palate-cleaser made at the table, with “Noble One” sweet wine and liquid nitrogen.


Dow’s 10 year Tawny Port
Ramos Pinto 10 year Tawny Port
KT: Smith Woodhouse 10 year Tawny Port
NA: Roasted Banana Tom and Jerry

Next Paris 1906 - chocolate-covered coffee and rum ice creamsBombe Ceylan
Chocolate-covered coffee and rum ice creams (4826).

Soufflé au Chocolat (kitchen table)


Pistachio Nougat
Salted Caramel
Beet Pate de Fruit
Fennel Shortbread
Almond-Cocoa Nib (kitchen table)

Next Restaurant Menu: Escoffier, Paris 1906

Notes: Numbers indicate recipes from Escoffier’s cookbook, which were scaled down for individual platings rather than the large buffet-style servings traditional in 1906. Wine pairings sometimes changed over the run of the menu, resulting in multiple selections being shown. Photos by the author, Nextaphile, and Christian Seel, courtesy Next Restaurant.

Escoffier, Auguste. The complete guide to the art of modern cookery. Translated by H. L. Cracknell and R. J. Kaufmann. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1979. This edition is the first complete English translation of the 1907 edition of Le guide culinaire. It includes all ±5ooo recipes, with original numbers. Many subsequent English-language editions have been shortened, and are thus re-numbered.
Kitchen Table wine pairing.
Non-alcoholic pairing.

Revised 27 Sep 2012.

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