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Next Restaurant’s Paris 1906 Cookbook Available Today

Next Restaurant today announced the release of their iBook for the Paris 1906 Menu Cookbook:

We are excited to announce the first book from Next Restaurant is available today, exclusively on the iBookstore. Paris: 1906 is a complete, uncompromising guide to reproducing the 4-star opening menu of chefs Grant Achatz and David Beran.

This digital book includes:

    Recipes: exact recipes for every dish served, as documented by our chefs
    Photos: over 200 full-color photographs
    Video: a video of table-side duck press service
    Essays: short essays by the chefs describing the key dishes and concepts

This full-color, stunning, illustrated book is designed specifically for viewing on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and we’ve priced it at only $4.99 to make it accessible to everyone.

Download Paris: 1906:

We think there will be a few pressed ducks on Thanksgiving tables this year!

Bon Apetit,
Grant, Dave, and Nick

Woohoo! Let the cooking begin!

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