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How to Buy Season Tickets to Next Restaurant

Here are the details on how to buy season tickets to Next Restaurant, from their Facebook page. Tickets should go on sale sometime this weekend. Good luck to everyone!

For 2012 Next will be presenting three menus: El Bulli, Sicily, and Kyoto:

El Bulli: February 8 through May 27
Sicily: June 2 through September 9
Kyoto: September 15 through December 31

Season tickets will be available for roundly 50 seats per night. Season ticket holders will receive 3 individual tickets for a table for 2, 4 or 6 people (kitchen table only) to each of the three menus.
Season ticket holders will enjoy these benefits:

— Priority access to special event tickets at the Aviary via early email notification.
— Priority access to The Office, subject to availability.
— Ability to renew the subscription for future seasons.

Pricing for the 2012 season will be tiered and sold by day of the week.
El Bulli is a 29-course menu, inclusive of food and beverage, for $ 365.

Sicily and Kyoto pricing for food for tables of 2 and 4, per person, is:

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
$ 85 $ 90 $ 100 $ 110 $ 90

Beverage pairings for Sicily and Kyoto are:

Non-Alcoholic / Standard Wine / Reserve Wine
$ 48 $ 68 $ 90

The 6-person kitchen table is priced at $ 165 with $ 110 for the beverage pairing.

We have created a ‘waiting room’ upon entering the season ticket sales web page. A maximum of 50 people will be allowed to select a ticket package at a time. If the ticket sales room is full, you will enter an email address and will be notified by email when you may enter the room. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Once that email is sent you will have one hour to complete the transaction. Please note that hitting ‘refresh’ or generating more than one email will move you to the back of the line. Season tickets are limited to one package per account.

After selecting the table size and day of the week 3 ticket ‘packages’ will be generated from among those dates and tables still available. After selecting a ticket package you will be asked to select the beverage pairings for Sicily and Kyoto.

A service charge of 20% and applicable taxes will apply. Subscriptions must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

Season tickets are non-refundable but fully transferable as individual tickets. Selling tables above face value and scalping will be policed to the extent possible with known violations resulting in the loss of tickets without refund.

For El Bulli we will offer up to 10 seats per night as Same Night tickets via our Facebook page. For Sicily and Kyoto another 50 tickets will be sold via our regular ticket site as we get closer to those dates. We will also be conducting a Dutch-style auction for 1 table of two each night with the full proceeds going to benefit the University of Chicago Cancer Center where chef Achatz was treated. The full amount over $ 876 will be a tax-deductible charitable donation.

An additional 50 seats per night will be sold via our regular ticketing system for Sicily and Kyoto at a later date.

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