My adventures recreating Next Restaurant’s food at home

Menu 6: Kyoto

Next Restaurant’s Sixth Menu: Kyoto

Served September 15 – December 31, 2012

Next Restaurant’s Japanese kaiseki (“chef’s choice”) tasting menu.

corn husk

chestnut, apple, white miso, hay aroma
Gewurztraminer juice, lemon verbena, green tea

Japanese maple forest
yuzu pear, dulse seaweed, bibb lettuce

sashimi, shiso, tamari
ginger, white soy, cucumber, ??ne

abalone, cucumber, red sea grapes

anago, maple dashi, shimeji mushroom

matsutake chawanmushi, pine
sweet potato, hojicha, buckwheat honey

ayu, wasabi leaf, cured yolk
Hitachino Nest classic ale

chrysanthemum, oyster leaf, eggplant, shiso leaf

soup, rice, pickles
apple, barley, red date

roasted fig, yuba, emperor II
wasabi, honeydew

toasted soy

Updated 24 Sep 2012

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