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Menu 8: Vegan

Next Restaurant’s Eighth Menu: Vegan

Served May 8, 2013 – August 24, 2013

Somewhat surprisingly, Next Restaurant’s eighth menu explored an entirely plant-based menu in 23 courses. The menu evolved slightly over its run, with different dishes coming and going, depending on the availability of ingredients.

starter and burnt avocado
passion fruit, yerba, pineapple

sprouted tempeh

autumn leaf

frozen baked potato

nori dumpling

leek and banana

earl grey rambutan

baby artichoke

fermented apples and lichen

lily pond
celery, crab apple, meyer lemon

rice yogurt and white asparagus

salsifies with oyster and dandelion
strawberry, rhubarb, black pepper

swiss chard and douchi

kombu atoll
tamarind, aloe, pea

cherry blossom and almond

spaghetti squash bolognese

mushroom cart
huitlacoche, blueberry, bell pepper

red onion | inspired by Stupek
mango, galangal, kaffir lime

curry roasted cauliflower

olive oil jam and bitter chocolate

hibiscus and pistachio
malt, bitter chocolate, black sesame

sweet potato nest

steamed crepes

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